5 Mind-Blowing Destinations near Mumbai That Are Sure to Impress You

mind-blowing destinations

A short trip will serve as a much-needed break for Mumbaikars who want to move away from stress, hustle and bustle of busy city lives. Almost every urbanite needs to break out from a rut of doing the same work over and over, especially in this “city that never sleeps”. When it comes to mind-blowing destinations near Mumbai location, Mumbai is a beautiful place surrounded by scenic spots in a 100 km vicinity and that makes for an ideal weekend getaway idea. But before you rev your bike’s engine and take off at full throttle towards your destination, make sure you have the apt two-wheeler insurance for your vehicle in place. After you have checked it off, you’ll be good to go.

Mumbai is close to many picturesque and tranquilizing landscapes that make for a memorable road trip. Taking a road trip to these locations has its charm. There is a strong connection that you can feel with the roads, the environment, and everything that comes your way. All you need is to kick-start your vehicle and zoom off. Create memories that last a lifetime with our list of best places to visit near Mumbai and most sought-after weekend getaways around Mumbai. When you embark on a road trip, many picturesque and tranquilizing landscapes will welcome you. Without any further delay, here’s a list of the top five destinations that will woo your heart.


Lonavala is one of the most popular destinations for weekend getaways. Located in close proximity to the densely populated Mumbai city, this hill-station is frequented by a flock of tourists every now and then. The place is not that far from Mumbai and caters to the specific needs of the tourists. Take a small break from the city life and get indulged in the scenic views of nature or the entrancing weather in Lonavala. The place is known the world over for its traditional Indian chikki and one should definitely try it out. Also, take some time out to cover Khandala as it is not that far from here.

Best time to visit: July-February

Total distance: 83 km

Key activities in this Area: Lonavala offers spellbinding beauty of nature and one can visit Tiger Point to get an ambrosial view of the surrounding trees and hillocks. Enhance your overall experience with a steaming cup of tea and a plate full of pakoras. Some of the most favourite attractions are Della Adventure Park and the Bhushi Dam.

Things to Consider:

First off, you need to get yourself covered against third-party liabilities, physical damage, and theft to your bike or scooter. However, the insurance market in India is packed with plenty of insurers and Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance is a top choice for many customers. Secondly, before you are driving to the hill station, get your vehicles properly serviced. Also, pack appropriate clothing and supplies.


Matheran is a hill station that fosters an appreciation for vintage charm and looks like something straight out of fantasy land. This destination offers a joyride, packed with fascinating and breathtaking views that add to the pleasure of travelling by road. After you reach a set point, just park your vehicle and wind your way up to the hill. You can go for pony rental services. The place looks so distinctive sprawled in red-colored mud and a quaint environment reminiscent of good ol’ times. Here’s what you should consider before heading out for this place.

Best time to visit this place: October-May

Total distance: 87 km

Key activities in this Area: You can trek your way up to the hill relishing the beauty of this place. Tourists can visit this place year-round and experience adventure in the form of paragliding and rock climbing depending on the climatic conditions.

Noteworthy points– Before you head out, you must get yourself covered with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan. For example, Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance ensures protection against a multitude of threats and offers significant protection benefits. Also, remember to wear comfy shoes as there is a lot of physical endurance involved in this experience.


Another famous spot for road tripping from Mumbai, Alibaug is a coastal town with numerous beautiful beaches and plenty of areas to explore. This pretty crowded town is situated on the Mumbai–Goa highway and offers unprecedented beauty to its beholders be it the popular Alibaug Beach or Varsoli Beach. Though it is preferred by couples for spending some cupid moment, it is also a great destination to explore on a bike. Serenity, Scenic beauty, and absolute freshness in the surroundings add to the pleasure of riding.

Best time to visit: November-June

Total distance: 92 km

Key Areas to Cover: The place offers everything a traveller could ever ask for. Inescapable attractions include Alibaug Beach, Siddheshwar Temple, Colaba Fort, and community sightseeing in nearby towns of Varsoli and Awas. To capture bird-watchers’ fancy, a place like Karnala Bird Sanctuary seems most apt. You need to cover a distance of approximately 98 km and travel via Sion-Panvel Expressway to reach there.

Things to Consider: What’s worth considering is your overall protection that mustn’t be taken lightly. Not to mention that you should have an active two-wheeler insurance plan. Don’t be lenient in this regard. When it comes to the climatic conditions, the most popular season to visit this place is from October to March. Pack your bag properly, keep all the travel essentials in place, and you’re all set to go.

Murud Janjira:

Murud Janjira is yet another great option for travellers who are interested in hiking. One of Maharashtra’s most prominent places, this local fort is situated on an island off the coastal area of Murud. Travelling by road offers extremely beautiful spots and one could indulge in nature’s magnificence. Explore the historically important location known for its visually striking views and larger-than-life architecture. This place is like a dream come true for history buffs and nature lovers.

Best time to visit: September-June

Total distance: 157 km

Key Activities: The main visual attraction in this area is the Janjira Fort that bears a historical significance. Legend has it that Maratha rulers failed in their every attempt to capture this fort, including Shivaji followed by Sambhaji, his son. In an attempt, they fortified the northeast of Janjira and named it Kasa. You should visit this one too. Other notable attractions are the Murud Beach, the Nawab Palace, and the Datta Mandir.

Tips to keep in mind- You should not take the safety of you and yours for granted. You should probably double-check with the vehicle insurance provider, be it your Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance or other similar insurance plans. After ensuring that your vehicle is covered under the right plan, you could keep the travel essentials checklist updated. However, don’t rush off in the monsoon as the roads are quite slippery and unsafe for travel.


This place is every adventurer’s dream destination as it offers a host of adventure sports, especially white-water rafting activities throughout the year. Other attractions nearby that one should visit are Bhira Dam and Kunda Caves. From cottages and hotels to tents and homestays, the place a multitude of accommodating options for travellers. Here’s what else you should keep in mind while visiting Kolad.

Best time to visit: June-March

Total distance: 123 km

Also, consider these points: Before venturing out on any adventure, ensure your two-wheeler insurance plan has the best coverage for your bike/scooter. Kolad is a small village with a very limited population. A traveller should keep snacks and water with them as there are not ample stores here. Along with eatables and water, you should bring along a first aid box too. Also, be extra careful while rafting and have fun.


The road trips from Mumbai offer the perfect escapism from the busy city life. So these are our top picks for the best riding destination around this city. Plan your trip to these scintillating locations and make this an unforgettable experience worth sharing with others.