6 Safety Tips for Bike Riding on City Roads

tips for bike riding

Every day there are 1214 road crashes in India. And two-wheelers contribute to 25 percent of total crash deaths in India.

Even if you are a great driver, you will always have scope for improvement. As you already must know, you need a valid driving license and vehicle insurance to experience a pleasant drive on the city roads. Though you are offered protection with your bike insurance policy, and nowadays you can easily buy your bike insurance online. But brushing up your driving skills is always a good idea. Before you get behind the wheels, these important tips will help you drive safely on the roads.

1. Know the Speed Limit

It is the most apparent rule that one needs to follow in order to maintain safety on the roads. We can see a lot of people overlooking it completely, especially those who drive sports bikes. Half of the road accidents last year were reported due to speed issues.

To avert a fine, you must know that the maximum speed limit for driving on highways is between 100 to 120km/h. For driving on urban dual roads, it is kept at 50 to 60 km/h. And for single urban roads, the speed limit is 40km/h. It is not the target speed to drive your bike but it is the maximum speed up to which you can drive your motorcycle across the streets.

2. Take a Driving Course If Possible

How safe are you and your family with your driving? A safe and experienced driver has to take his own responsibility as well people around them. Taking a driving course will make you a responsible and safe driver.

It certainly reduces the probability of an accident while driving across. It will help you recognize and act on traffic issues, position your vehicle to your advantage, proficiently use the motorcycle control system, maintain the right speed and learn many other driving techniques.

3. Lane Discipline

It is the basic principle that is usually followed on our city roads. But still, a lot of people happen to miss it. It is advisable that you stay on the left lane, and avoid shifting lanes for no reason.  Make sure that you assess the roads from the rear-view mirror before shifting the lanes. At the same time be cautious of other vehicles changing lanes on the same road.

There are drivers who do not give proper indications while changing the lanes and such callous behavior can lead to accidents on the roads. Always remember to adhere to the speed limit of the lane in which you are driving. A piece of advice – Do not drive at a slow speed in a fast moving lane and vice versa.

4. Use of Side View Mirrors

Properly use your side-view mirrors to cover the blind spots on your bike while driving. It will give you an idea of the traffic behind you.  Do not remove the side mirrors merely to enhance the look of your bike. In fact, you should focus on your safety more than anything else.

5. Avoid Being Overconfident

Overconfidence kills in every sphere of life and driving is no exception. A lot of accidents are reported every year due to the overconfidence of the drivers. It is one of the major factors leading to road accidents. It is always better to be vigilant than driving in an aggressive manner. Anyone can make this mistake, including you.

Do not assume that you cannot commit such a mistake. Also, it is recommended that you buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy instead of just sticking to a third-party insurance policy.

6 Pay Attention

Try to minimize as many distractions as possible. It may sound cliché but refrain from using your smartphone while driving. If there is some emergency, you can always park your vehicle on the side and talk. Refrain from using earphones while driving your bike.

Do not turn your head while talking to the pillion rider. Your whole concentration should be on the road. To reiterate, paying attention is a key safe driving driver and avoid any distractions.

Also, there are a number of top insurance companies such as Reliance two wheeler insurance, Cigna TTK, Tata AIG etc. that can offer you some of the best 2 wheeler insurance policies. You can select a comprehensive bike insurance policy from any of the motor insurance company. Simply follow the rules and enjoy driving your sturdy beast.

Summing it up!

If you believe you drive safely, it doesn’t assure that other people will also drive safely.  Ensure that you are protected against such eventualities. If you follow the above-mentioned tips and have your bike insured, you will become one of the safest drivers.