Add-On Covers That You Can Buy For Your Sports Bike

Sports Bike add-on covers

There is a wide range of options available for bike insurance add-on covers. If you take a third-party liability cover or a comprehensive plan, there is every possible benefit available. But there are no free lunches, right? You get what you pay for. Even if you opt for a standard policy, you can still get additional benefits in a bike insurance plan at a fixed cost.

It is always a good idea to enhance your protection with these add-on covers that you can buy with a comprehensive bike insurance policy.  You can check online bike insurance add-on coves from top insurance provides. Pamper your bike and stay protected by opting for these add-on covers-

Enclosed below are a few options that are provided by bike insurance companies in India

1. Emergency Fuel Assistance Service

Immediate help will be provided to you in case your two-wheeler breaks down due to an accident or technical and mechanical issues. Fuel assistance is provided round the clock so that you can enjoy your peace of mind. It also includes emergency fuel delivery when you are stuck in the middle of the road.

2. Add-On Cover For Bike Accessories

It is always better to buy this add-on cover for your sports bike’s accessories including electrical & non-electrical parts. Paying from your own pocket can prove to be an expensive affair. Just by paying an additional amount of premium, you can get compensation for expenses incurred on repair and replacement of your bike accessories.

3. Accidental Cover for Pillion Riders

Bike accidents can sometimes be dangerous to the life of the pillion riders as well. In many cases, bike accidents may result in serious physical injuries to the co-passengers/riders and might even turn fatal in certain circumstances. This add-on benefit can be very helpful in seeking compensation for your pillion rider in case of accidental injuries.

4. Personal Accident Cover

It involves two types of benefits, one in which the coverage is limited to the driver. And the other in which the coverage is extended to the passenger as well.

As the name implies, it safeguards the driver and the passengers in case there is an accident. The coverage is provided up to a fixed amount (as mentioned in the policy wordings of the motor insurance provider up to a certain amount).

The cost of personal accident cover varies on the type of plan and the provider you have chosen for your vehicle insurance.

5. Roadside Assistance Cover

It is one of the most commonly opted additional cover by bike owners in our country. It includes the recovery of the vehicle if there is a breakdown or accident on road. As compared to other add-ons, it is the most economical one.

You can get professional assistance, agency repair, flat tyre change, towing support, fuel refilling assistance in case there is an emergency and you get stuck in the middle of the road.

By paying a small extra amount, you can get a lot of benefits with roadside assistance cover, which may cost you extra otherwise. It can prove beneficial to have roadside assistance number handy.

There are various bike insurance companies that offer roadside assistance cover such as Reliance bike insurance, Bajaj Allianz bike insurance etc. You can get one for your sports bike based on your needs and requirements.

6. Daily Cash Allowance Cover

Some motor insurance companies also provide a daily cash allowance cover. If you opt for this add-on benefit the insurer will offer you per day allowance while your sports-bike is getting repaired. Basically, your daily commuting expenses are covered till your sports bike is in the workshop. It comes handy when the vehicle repair time is more than 4 days or so. Otherwise, daily allowance cover for a day or two shall not make a huge difference

7. Bike Rental Service

You can easily get bike hiring service as an optional benefit.  It means that your bike insurance company will reimburse the cost of renting a vehicle in an emergency situation. Though, the coverage amount and duration varies from one bike insurance provider to another insurance provider.

8. Consumables Cover

For sports bike owners, it is useful to get coverage for expenses incurred on the damage and repair of the bike parts resulting due to any of the risks that are covered in the policy. For example- Screw, engine oil, nuts, bolts and the like.

Over to You!

We know that you get most of the sports bike insurance benefits in a comprehensive motor insurance plan. But, if you want to give yourself maximum protection against all the risks while driving on road, then it is recommended that you opt for some add-ons that will prove to be beneficial to you and your family in future.