5 Best 2-Wheeler Companies In India

best two wheeler companies

With more and more best two wheeler companies in India changing the preferred mode of transport of Indians. Another thing is that while the humble scooters are still running over the roads majorly, even the luxury and premium bikes have found their way in the Indian market. While a lot of people prefer sports bikes, Royal Enfield is a status symbol for the youth of the country. Royal Enfield is not a brand, it’s an emotion.

With speeding vehicles increasing the risk of road mishaps, it is crucial that you must avail the insurance services offered by two-wheeler insurance companies. With so many two-wheeler choices available in the market, people tend to get confused. However, here are 5 top options for the best two-wheeler companies in India that will help you make a better buying decision:

List Of Best Two Wheeler Companies In India

1. Hero Motocorp- The one on top

Hero Motocorp is not only the top-selling automobile company in the country but is considered to be one of the largest two-wheelers manufacturers in the world. Its head office is located in New Delhi and it was formerly known as Hero Honda. As a joint venture between Honda Motor Company and the Hero Group, these two entities collaborated in the year 1984. This joint initiative was one of the most successful in the market.

All the two-wheeler insurance companies provide insurance coverage to the make of the models of Hero Motocorp.

2. Bajaj Auto- The trusted brand name

Being one of the most trusted and one of the oldest manufacturers for two-wheelers in India, Bajaj Auto is a popular name for both- motorcycles and for three-wheelers. Its sister concern- Bajaj Allianz has also topped as one of the top two-wheeler insurance companies in India. Bajaj Auto started out as- a seller of imported vehicles in the country but did not take much time in growing and setting itself as a manufacturer in the country.

3. TVS Motor Company- One for the Affordability

The members of the Indian middle-class population fondly remember the TVS scooty. Before models like Scooty pep took over the market share, the TVS scooty was on top for being the first choice for two-wheelers in the country. TVS continues to keep up its hold in the market because most of the top two-wheeler insurance companies in India stand by the quality of this manufacturer. They offer the insurance buyers really good deals for TVS make and models.

4. Royal Enfield- All about Style

Royal Enfield has emerged to be one of the topmost icons of suave amongst Indian riders. It is definitely one of the most coveted two-wheelers in the nation and is one of the most long-lasting two-wheelers in the World. It is one of the oldest motorbikes in the world which is still in production as its demand is over the roof-top. The brand was first established in the UK.

5. Mahindra- One for the Durability

Another extremely popular name in the Indian market is Mahindra. The brand is made in the nation itself. It has been known for being the brand of rural India. It has lived up to the expectations of durability that the developing Indian roads require. It is not only known for the amazing turbo duty vehicles which are high in utility but is also absolutely worth every penny spent on it.

When one spends on Mahindra or thinks about the particular brand, the very first thought that comes to their mind is guarantee and durability for a lifetime. It was the first ever company which originated in India and participated in the coveted FIM Moto 3TM Racing Championship for Motorcycles. After that, it entered the two-wheeler market and has only grown ever since.

Over to You

These were the top 5 two-wheeler companies in India. No matter what brand of vehicle you have, you ought to buy two-wheeler insurance from one of the best two-wheeler companies in India.

When you think of buying a new two-wheeler, you definitely can consider the aforementioned options. It will help you to make an informed decision to get the best vehicle.