HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company offers motor insurance policies for both commercial and private vehicles. If you own a bike or scooter, then HDFC Ergo two wheeler insurance comprehensive policy is recommended for you to enjoy a hassle-free bike riding experience.

Nearly 1.5 lakh people lose their lives every year due to road accidents in India. To ensure the safety of the citizens, it is made mandatory for all the vehicle owners to have at least third-party liability insurance in India.

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Features

  • Paperless documentation
  • Round the clock customer support available over a call and email
  • Accredited with ‘iAAA’rating by ICRA based on their claim paying ability
  • Transparency in claim settlement procedure and policies
  • Approval within 24 hours of the damaged vehicle reaching the workshop
  • Easy to download insurance document online on the payment of premium

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Inclusions

Third-Party Cover HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

It protects from an unforeseen liabilities which may arise from any loss or damage caused to a third-party person or property from your vehicle. It includes-

  • Financial liabilities arising due to third-party death or injuries resulting because of an accident or collision with your two-wheeler.
  • Personal accident cover up to Rs. 15 lakh in case of disability, and death of the driver or owner due to an accident Coverage against third-party property damages caused by your vehicle

Own Damages are covered Under HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

It covers the physical damage and financial loss arising due to an accident or collision. Majorly it covers-

  • Loss or damage resulting due to an accident
  • Theft of the insured vehicle
  • Damage resulting due to natural calamities

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Add-on Covers

It is always a good idea to enhance your protection with these add-on covers that you can buy with a comprehensive bike insurance policy of HDFC ERGO. Pamper your vehicle and stay protected by opting for these add-on covers-

1. HDFC ERGO Emergency Roadside Assistance Service

Immediate help will be provided to you in case your car breaks down due to an accident or technical and mechanical issues. Round the clock, road assistance is provided so that you can enjoy your peace of mind.
It also includes emergency fuel delivery, tyre replacement cover, towing to the nearest workshop, small repairs on the spot, etc.

2. HDFC ERGO Zero Depreciation Cover

Except for the battery and tyres, depreciation on parts is not calculated for claims arising due to partial losses.

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Exclusions

  • Claims arising due to contractual liabilities
  • Normal wear and tear of the two-wheeler
  • Any consequential losses
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Driving without a valid driving license
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • Any damage or loss resulting due to war like conditions and nuclear radiations
  • Periodic depreciation

Please refer to policy wordings to know more about limitations under HDFC ERGO 2 Wheeler Insurance Plan.

How is HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Sum Insured Calculated?

  • IDV or the Insured’s Declared Value is the amount of sum insured that is provided by the insurer in case the two-wheeler is damaged or stolen. Simply put, it is the current market value of the two-wheeler, on which the insurance premium is calculated at the time of policy purchase or renewal.
  • IDV of a bike with fitted accessories is calculated on the basis of the price listed by the manufacturer. On the basis of the vehicle age, depreciation is adjusted in the insurance premium. It is only valid for claims arising out of the total loss of the vehicle.

Applicable Depreciation for Fixing the IDV of the Insured Two-Wheeler

Vehicle Age

Depreciation Value (%)

Up to 6 months 5
6 months to 1 Year 15
1 to 2 Years 20
2 to 3 Years 30
3 to 4 Years 40
4 to 5 Years 50

HDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance renewal

It is an easy and hassle-free process to renew HDFC ERGO bike insurance online. You just need to follow these simple steps

  • Provide your 2 wheeler insurance policy details
  • Select the add-on covers to enhance protection
  • Submit the details to get an idea of HDFC ERGO bike insurance renewal premium Once the payment is done, your 2 wheeler insurance policy will be renewed

HDFC ERGO Bike insurance Claim Procedure

HDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance claim process is as follows-

For the smooth processing of HDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance online claims following information is required –

  • NEFT details in the claim form
  • A cancelled cheque
  • For claims more than Rs.1 lakh, you need to submit KYC details.
  • A photocopy of KYC documents is also required – Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, etc.

HDFC ERGO 2 Wheeler Insurance Cashless Claim Procedure in the Network Garages

  • Call at the toll-free number of HDFC ERGO to get the contact number of the nearest network garage. You can locate a network garage through
  • If it possible drive the damaged two-wheeler or get it towed to the nearest workshop
  • The surveyor will assess all the damages caused to your vehicle
  • Fill all the required information in the claim form
  • Submit all the related documents
  • The insurer will send updates about the claim status through email and SMS
  • Once the damage is repaired, you need to settle the bills. Pay off the depreciation value, compulsory deductibles, etc. to the workshop and take your vehicle home. The insurer will directly settle the balance amount with the network garage
  • The claims computation sheet will be provided to you with the entire break up for your future records

HDFC ERGO Reimbursement Claim Procedure

  • Intimate a claim at their toll-free helpline number or through their Mobile App
  • The losses and damages in your 2 wheeler will be accessed and surveyed by the surveyor of the HDFC ERGO
  • The claim form needs to be duly filled with all the required information
  • All the documents need to be provided to the insurer (the list of all the required documents is mentioned in the form only)
  • The claim will be processed once all the documents are received
  • The status of the claim will be updated through SMS/Emails
  • Payment can be made through NEFT or by a Cheque
  • The insurer will provide you with the claims computation sheet with an entire break up for your future records

Some important points to remember while filing a claim for your HDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance policy-

  • In the event of theft, bodily injuries, property damages and other major damage, it is required to submit the copy of Police FIR.
  • In case of major damages, report the incident before the damaged vehicle is removed from the spot. It allows the insurance provider to arrange for spot inspection of the damage.
  • In the event of a strike, riots, third-party damages and damage due to malicious activity, it is essential to immediately inform about the incident at the nearest police station.

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance FAQ’s

What are the different types of HDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance policies that I can buy?

There are two types of 2 wheeler insurance policies that you can buy –

  • 2 wheeler Comprehensive insurance policy – It covers accidental loss or damage including theft. It also covers third-party liabilities.
  • Two-wheeler liability only-Multiyear policy – It only covers risk towards third-party injuries, death and property damages. This insurance policy provides cover for a maximum of three years.

Should I buy comprehensive bike insurance or liability only policy?

If you buy only a third-party liability insurance plan, it will only cover the damage caused to a third-party and not your two-wheeler.  That is why a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy covers the loss and damage that is caused to your two-wheeler. You can also buy a 3-year plan and enjoy your ride without any worries.

How long will it take to issue myHDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance?

The process of issuingHDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance online is a quick and hassle-free process. Once the payment is made, you can download the policy immediately. Furthermore, your HDFC ERGO2 wheeler policy will also be sent to your registered email ID.

Q4. What is my HDFC ERGO2 wheeler policy period?

You can opt for one year policy period and also for a 3-year policy. There are special benefits that you can avail on the purchase of a 3-year plan.

What all discounts can I avail under HDFC ERGO bike insurance?

You can earn a discount with No-claim-bonus for all the years that you have not made claims. If you are a member of the Automobile Association of India, then also you are eligible for discount.

How can I earn No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

NCB is accrued to your account and can be availed at the time of renewing your policy. It is a reward for keeping a good driving record and avoiding accidents-

NCB Applicable on own damage premium during a policy period –

Policy Tem

NCB (%)

1 Year 20
2 consecutive years 25
3 consecutive years 35
4 consecutive years 45
5 consecutive years 50

What procedure should be followed if I sell my two-wheeler?

If you sell your two-wheeler, you need to send a written intimation to the insurer. Here’s a rundown of the things that you need to do-

  • Cancelling the existing policy
  • Transferring the ownership in the name of the new buyer
  • If the new owner already has an insurance policy, then you can ask for a refund of the insurance premium. The refund amount will be on a pro-rata basis.
  • Request to reserve the No-Claim-Bonus. You can use it in your next two-wheeler insurance policy up to 3 years of selling.

What is an endorsement document and how can I make changes to my HDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance policy?

The entire request for changes and corrections related to your vehicle details, any change in the date of registration, changes in personal details or financier details are made in the endorsement document.

What is the procedure to cancel HDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance?

You need to provide a written notice of 7 days for cancellation to the company. The steps are as follows-

  1. Intimate about cancellation over email or phone
  2. The intimation should be given in writing within 7 days
  3. If you have purchased a new policy from a different insurer, provide documentary evidence of the same through mail or fax
  4. The company shall keep a minimum premium of Rs. 100and the balance will be refunded to you on the basis of the policy duration. The charges are different for modified bikes or two-wheelers owned by the specially-abled people.

What are all the documents required to file a claim with HDFC ERGO bike insurance?

To file a claim for accidental damages you need to submit the following documents-

  1. Copy of the Driving License and Registration Book
  2. Claim Form
  3. Copy of your HDFC ERGO bike insurance policy
  4. Police FIR copy
  5. Estimate of repairs