Inclusions and Exclusions under Third-Party Bike Insurance

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When you buy a bike insurance plan, you need to read the policy document carefully as all the details about the plan are mentioned in it. In this sense, you should pay attention to the inclusions and exclusions section that will indicate the coverage offered by the company and what is excluded from coverage. This is important as you will have a clear understanding of what risks are covered by the policy and what is left uncovered.

You can consider buying third-party bike insurance for your vehicle as it allows you to get decent coverage at very low rates and you can get protection from third-party liabilities during a mishap.

What are Inclusions Mentioned in Policy Document?

The inclusions are set of clauses under which your vehicle will be protected in future. In simple terms, it means that under the given circumstance, the coverage will be provided to the bike in future. Say, for example, your policy document mentions that damage to third-party property is covered and this is mentioned in the inclusions section, you can file a claim in case of an accident. The inclusions section becomes very important as this is what is covered by the insurance company and everything else will be excluded. For this reason, you should always assume that unless and until it is mentioned in the inclusions section, it is not offered coverage by the insurance company.

What are Exclusions mentioned in the policy document?

Exclusions are the opposite of inclusions and this indicates the clauses under which coverage will not be given to the vehicle in future. Say, for example, the inclusion section says that coverage will be provided during an accident situation and the exclusions section says that coverage will not be given for accident caused due to drunken driving. It means that both are true in their own sense and they will never contradict each other.

You need to understand from this example that even though coverage will be provided under normal circumstances if the driver is found to be using the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the time of the accident, coverage will be denied in future.

Inclusions under Third-Party Bike Insurance

  • Any damages that happen to third-party life due to your mistake while riding your vehicle will be covered under the policy. In case you meet with an accident and you have caused damage to third-party life, the medical expenses for the treatment of the third-party can be claimed under the bike insurance
  • In the same manner, any damage caused to third party-property in the similar situation will also be covered in this policy. In this sense, the expenses for repairs of the third-party vehicle or the expenses for covering the damage to property will be covered by the policy.

Exclusions under Third-Party Bike Insurance

  • The damage caused to your own vehicle in an accident will not be covered under the third-party bike insurance Note that coverage is only provided for third-party damages and not your vehicle.
  • When you ride the vehicle without a valid driving license, coverage for the third-party will also be denied and you have to bear all the expenses from your own pocket.
  • In the same manner, when riding the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not get any coverage under the policy.
  • The coverage is valid only within the geographical area mentioned in the policy and you will not get coverage outside the country.

Over to you

When you buy third-party bike insurance for your two-wheeler, make sure to check the inclusions and exclusions so that you get to understand the basic details of the policy. Do not hesitate to ask important questions from the service providers as this is a serious matter that can cause a lot of complications in future if you misunderstood some of the clauses.

You must check all the inclusions and exclusions before buying the policy. Knowing them beforehand gives you the advantage of selecting a plan based on the features of the policy. In this way, you can choose the best plan available in the market for your two-wheeler.