Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

Oriental two wheeler Insurance Company started its operations in Bombay in the year of 1947.  They have more than 30 regional offices and 1800 operating centres across India They are also operational in Kuwait, Dubai, and Nepal.

The Company has different types of insurance policies to cater to the needs of both the rural and urban population of India and one of which is bike insurance.

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Features

It covers any loss or damage arising due to third-party damage and own damage. There are additional covers like zero depreciation cover and roadside assistance cover to enhance the overall protection. Have a look at the various benefits of buying Oriental two wheeler insurance policy –

  • Cashless claim settlement at network garages across India
  • Emergency breakdown cover
  • Comprehensive coverage with enhanced protection
  • Quick and hassle-free claim settlement process
  • Personalized bike insurance plans
  • Discounts on the two-wheeler insurance premiums
  • Easy online renewal and buying process

Oriental Bike Insurance Policy Inclusions

  1. Accidental damage or loss
  2. Third party damage and liability cover
  3. Personal accident covers to the owner/ driver
  4. Add-on Benefits

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Policy covers any damage caused to the insured bike resulting due to

  • Theft, burglary, and housebreaking
  • Natural disasters like cyclone, storm, flood, earthquake, inundation, landslide, riots, terrorism, and malicious acts
  • Accidental damage (external means only)
  • Self-Ignition, Fire, Explosion & Lightening
  • Transit by road, rail, air, lift and inland waterways

Third-Party Liability Cover

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance covers third-party injuries, death, and property damage resulting from the insured bike. It also covers third-party legal liabilities.

What is the Amount of Oriental insurance for 2 wheelers?

The sum assured is equal to the IDV of the Vehicle. It is similar to the manufacturer’s listed selling price minus the depreciation value of the parts.  IDV of the vehicles more than 5 years of age is mutually agreed upon by the insurer and the insured.

How is Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculated?

The premium is calculated on the basis of the following factors-

  1. Cubic Capacity of the engine
  2. IDV of the two-wheeler
  3. Zone of vehicle registration
  4. Age of the two-wheeler
  5. Additional premium needs to be paid for add-on covers, electrical items and accessories, CNG/LPG fuel, and any other extra benefits

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Exclusions

Oriental two wheeler insurance policy shall not cover the following-

  • Electrical and mechanical faults
  • Consequential loss
  • If the driver doesn’t have valid DL
  • Driving after consumption of drugs or alcohol
  • Depreciation of parts
  • Claims arising due to nuclear radiations and war like conditions
  • Using the insured bike beyond the scope of coverage i.e. for racing, hire, and trial purposes
  • Bike tyres or tubes damage, unless it is an accidental damage
  • Damage resulting outside the geographical location
  • Coverage can be extended to Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh by paying an extra premium

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Discounts in Premium

Following discounts can be availed on the insurance premium-

  • Discount on installing an anti-theft device
  • By opting for the voluntary deductibles
  • Automobile Association discount
  • No-claim-discount for all the claim free years

How to Purchase Oriental Bike Insurance Online?

You need to follow the simple steps as elucidated below-

  • Go to the insurer’s site and click on buy now an option
  • You will be directed to the details page, where you need to provide the required personal details
  • Premium is calculated on the basis of the details provided and you will be directed to the premium calculation page
  • Select the payment method and make the payment online with debit or credit card
  • A copy of the oriental bike insurance will be emailed to you
  • SMS notification will also be sent on the registered mobile number
  • You can also create your online account and can log in to renew oriental two-wheeler insurance online

Oriental Bike Insurance Renewal

Oriental Insurance Renewal for Two Wheeler is a simple process. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps that you need to follow-

  • Submit the policy date, number, and other details on the site
  • The digital copy will immediately be emailed to you. A copy of the policy documents can also be downloaded online.
  • Once the payment is done, you will receive an SMS notification
  • You can also renew Oriental bike insurance policy online even if you have purchased the last policy from another two wheeler insurance company
  • All you need to do is furnish the previous policy details such as the bike insurance policy number and other required details
  • Once the premium is paid, your previous bike insurance policy will be renewed and a digitally signed copy will be emailed to you

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Procedure

For accidental claims, the procedure goes as follows-

  • Click evidence and note down the vehicle details. Also, take a note of the parties involved and witnesses.
  • Police FIR is mandatory to process accidental damage claims
  • Contact the nearest branch of the Oriental Insurance or inform them on their toll-free helpline number. They will note down the date, time and place of the accident. Also, provide them with a brief description of the accident.
  • A representative will get in touch with you and your claim procedure will follow.
  • Submit all the documents including the Police FIR copy, RC of the two-wheeler, and the claim-form at the workshop.
  • The surveyor will assess the cost of repair and the approved amount will be paid to the garage.
  • Depreciation of the vehicle parts will be deducted from the sum assured, if zero depreciation cover is not opted for. value

Documents Required for Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Claim

  • Claim Form ( duly signed and filled)
  • Copy of DL RC of the insured two-wheeler
  • Police FIR Report
  • Road Tax receipts
  • Evidence or proof of the damage ( as clicking on the phone)
  • Provide contact details of the examiner who conducted the vehicle inspection on the location of the accident
  • Submit the insurance copy, Xerox of the claim notification copy along with receipts of the premium paid
  • Repairs estimates with original bills

To File Theft Related Claims with Oriental Insurance

  • Claim form to be duly signed and filled
  • Police FIR copy/report
  • Driving License and RC
  • Keys of the insured bike
  • Xerox of claim notification copy, oriental two wheeler insurance copy, and premium receipts
  • Bank statements and bills to help the examiner validate the amount of loss

For Third Party Accidental Claims

  • Policy documents, claim intimation copy and insurance premium receipts
  • Copy of Police FIR and contact details of the police station
  • Statement from the driver about the incident
  • RC and Driving License
  • Details of the third-party vehicle damage
  • Contact details of the people involved
  • Owner/driver to sign the legal documents
  • Contact info of the hospital where the incident is reported
  • Bodily injuries and autopsy report
  • Charge sheet to be filed with the statement of the drivers involved

Oriental Two-Wheeler Insurance FAQs

What types of two-wheeler insurance policies are provided by the Oriental Insurance Company?

There are two types of policies that you can buy –

  1. Oriental Insurance Liability Only Policy – It is mandatory to buy third-party liability insurance for all the two-wheeler owners and drivers
  2. Package Policy – It includes both third party and own damage cover

What is the duration of the Oriental two wheeler insurance?

The policy is valid for one year. There is an option to buy it for a shorter period also.

Can I renew and purchase two-wheeler policies online?

Yes, you can easily buy Oriental bike insurance online and make the payment using your debit card/ credit card.

How is the two-wheeler insurance premium calculated?

Let’s see how the two-wheeler insurance premium is calculated-

It takes into consideration the cubic capacity of the engine, IDV, the age of the bike, registration zone and the additional covers that you have opted for. IDV = Manufacturer’s selling price – the depreciation of the parts.

What benefit do I get if my bike gets stolen?

The claim settlement procedure will be followed if the bike is stolen. The total sum insured amount, equal to the IDV of the bike will be compensated to the policyholder.