Reasons To Renew The Break-In Insurance Of Your Two-Wheeler Online

two-wheeler break-in insurance policy

Gone are the days when you have to worry about the renewal of your two-wheeler insurance policy, even if you have missed the deadline of the same. The process break-in insurance policy to renew a two-wheeler insurance policy online, if its renewal date is missed, is simple and fast. Additionally, the policy is sent to your mailbox soon after the renewal.

The time between policy expiry and policy renewal is known as the break-in period and the renewed insurance policy after the break-in period is known as the break-in insurance policy. To understand it clearly, let us take an example, suppose your two-wheeler insurance policy expires on 30 October’2018 and you renew it on 10 November’2018. There are 11 days in between the expiry date and the renewal date of your policy and it remained inactive for these 11 days. This span of 11 days is known as break-in period and the policy that is renewed after the break-in period is termed as a break-in insurance policy.

In a conventional break-in insurance renewal process, your two-wheeler has to undergo inspection. Moreover, the charges of the inspection are also to be borne by you only, which is an extra cost apart from the premium that you pay. You also have to provide the documents of your previous policy with RC of your two-wheeler during the inspection. In this way, the conventional or offline renewal process is time taking and troublesome than the online procedure.

You need not to worry, as the above-mentioned offline procedure is history now. The new online renewal of break-in policy is simple and fast. Various web portals give you the facility to compare two-wheeler insurance policies online with your existing insurance plan. This gives you a chance to get the best insurance policy for your two-wheeler. Apart from this, some portals give you an opportunity to renew your break-in insurance plan online on their platform.

Features of a Two-Wheeler Break-In Insurance Policy:

The topmost features of a two-wheeler break-in insurance plan are:

Instant Issuance of the Policy:

One of the biggest advantages of renewing an insurance policy online after the break-in period is the instant issuance of the policy. The policy is generated instantly after its online renewal and is sent to your email id. However, it is activated after three days of the successful payment. For example, if the payment is made on 23 October, the policy will become functional on 26 October.

Simple Process of Renewal:

The online renewal process is comparatively simpler and easier than the conventional renewal process. Moreover, it is not only the renewal process that is made easy instead; the two-wheeler insurance online purchase is also easier.

Note: One thing that you must note here is that no insurance company covers the insurance of your two-wheeler between the payment period and policy activation period, so it is recommended to not to drive your vehicle during this time.

Additionally, if your two-wheeler insurance policy is stayed inactivated for more than 90 days, then you do not need to provide the details of your previous insurance provider. As well as, if you have lost the papers of your previous policy, you can file for the renewal of the same, provided your policy has stayed expired for 90 days and more.

Reasons to Renew the Break-In Insurance

In this era of the internet, it is practically possible to buy anything online, be it clothes or insurance policy and if you are still thinking about the renewal of your break-in insurance plan online, then here the benefits for you must know:

  • You do not need to provide any documents.
  • You do not have to take your vehicle for inspection.
  • The policy is issued instantly.
  • You need not pay any extra charges for the break-in renewal.
  • You can compare different insurance policies and select the most suitable one.
  • Gives you an opportunity to save money.

Top Insurance Companies that Offer Break-In Renewal Policy

Renewing a break-in insurance plan is no longer an issue these days as most of the insurance companies have the feature to renew even the break-in policy online. The list of these companies is:

You either can visit the website of these companies for renewal or can use an online portal for the renewal of your break-in insurance policy for your two-wheeler.

Final Words: In this fast-paced era, where it is common to forget the due date of your utility bills or paying the minimum dues of your credit card, it is quite possible to forget to renew your vehicle insurance. Even though the insurance companies these days give you, the facility of renewing your insurance plan after its expiry, but it is always good to remember its renewal date. However, there can be times when you forgot to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy due to some genuine reason, so keeping that in mind, insurance companies have given an opportunity of break-in renewal of two-wheeler insurance. Utilize this facility and renew your insurance policy online without any hassle.