TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

One of the leading insurance companies in India, TATA AIG General Insurance provides comprehensive protection to your vehicle for all possible risks. Award winner of ‘General Insurer Claims Team of the Year’ 2013 by Claims Awards Asia, TATA AIG is one of the famous names in the Indian insurance market. The company offers user-friendly insurance products, especially two wheeler insurance that ensures ultimate protection for your prized possession. With TATA AIG two wheeler insurance in place. All you need to do is plan your next destination on your bike!

The prevailing traffic condition or rising incidents of accidents is taking a toll these days. Though, the bike is the most convenient way of commuting, scooting around the city can be unsafe as well. Given that, buying two wheeler insurance could be the sensible idea. In this regard, TATA AIG provides your vehicle with an ultimate protection

Let’s have a detail look on the two wheeler insurance offered by TATA AIG General Insurance:

Features of TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

The below features make this plan unique:

  • This policy covers you for any total or partial loss to the vehicle, arising owing to an accident, fire, theft etc.
  • Third party legal liability expenses cover
  • No Claim Bonus for not claiming the insurance
  • In case of an accident, the value of the depreciable parts is calculated at the predefined rate and coverage is paid up to the IDV (Insurer Declared Value)
  • There is no deduction based on Salvage value
  • Buy and renew policy online

Key Benefits of TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Cashless claim networks
  • Accidental Cover
  • Online Renewal
  • Discount

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Third Party or Liability: this is a mandatory cover as per the Indian motor vehicle law. Without this cover, plying your vehicle on Indian roads is an offence. This plan covers your vehicle against legal liabilities arising out of an accident, resulting in death, injury or permanent disability caused to a third party. This plan also covers third party property damage.

Own Damage: Under the comprehensive cover offered by TATA AIG two wheeler insurance, you can cover your vehicle for own damages owing to the following events:

  • Fire, explosion, lightning or self-ignition
  • Earthquake, typhoon, flood, hurricane, tempest, storm, inundation
  • Theft, burglary, riot, strike, malicious act
  • Terrorist activity
  • Accident by external means
  • Any damage or loss in transporting by road, rail, waterway, air, lift, elevator etc.

Personal Accident Cover: This plan offers an accidental cover of Rs. 15 lakh in case of disability or death due to an accident. Optional personal accident covers for co-passengers are also available.

Tata AIG Auto Secure-Multi-year Cover

TATA AIG AUTO Secure is a long-term two wheeler insurance that protects your vehicle from a longer period of three years. This policy can be bought only for the vehicles which are less than 5 years old. This policy comes with certain advantages:

  • You can save considerably on premium, as are waived off from annual renewal system.
  • No hassle of renewing the policy each year
  • This policy provides NCB protection that means the earned policy will not be nullified if a claim is made. However, it will be reduced to a lower slab. Efficiently, you can enjoy the NCB benefit for the full policy tenure even if making a limited claim.

Add-on Covers of TATA AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance

Zero Depreciation

When you make a claim, the insurer doesn’t cover the full cost and estimate an amount after reducing the cost of depreciable parts. These parts include rubber, metal parts, plastic etc. This cost will be paid by you. With a zero depreciation cover, you can combat this amount and can get the full value of the vehicle. However, TATA AIG offers this benefits only for two times under the policy tenure

Consumable Expenses Cover:

With this cover you can cover the cost of consumables such as brake oil, nuts, screws, bolts, washers, lubricating oil etc. these costs are usually excluded by the base policy and can only be covered as an add-on cover. To avail this benefit, you need to get your vehicle repaired from an authorized garage of TATA AIG only.

Emergency Medical Expenses Cover

TATA AIG will cover you for any emergency medical expenses in case of an injury to you or the passenger/pillion owing to an accident. Additionally, the ambulance charge will be reimbursed if you had to hire an ambulance to carry the pillion to the hospital from the site of the accident.

TATA AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance Exclusions

When the policy covers you at a large extent, there are certain conditions where it doesn’t work:

  • Mechanical or Electrical collapse
  • Normal wear and tear, ageing of the bike
  • Depreciation
  • intentional accidental loss
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Consequential loss
  • If driving the vehicle without a valid driving license

Step-wise guide to Claim TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

By following the below steps, you can easily claim your insurance with TATA AIG:

  • Inform the insurer about the incident without any delay
  • Arrange for towing the vehicle to the garage. In case you want to go for cashless services then sent the vehicle to a network garage.
  • A surveyor will investigate the case and make an estimate of the loss. Handover the documents to the surveyor.
  • After receiving the reports from the surveyor, the insurer will confirm the liability.
  • In case of a cashless garage, the insurer will settle the repair expenses directly with the garage.
  • If the serves are taken from a non-network garage, then you have to pay the repair expenses intimately and then submit the bill along with a claim form. The company will reimburse up to the IDV amount. You can get the full value of the vehicle in case your bike is double insured with nil depreciation cover.
  • Finally, the vehicle is delivered by the garage after you signed the satisfaction voucher.

Documents Required to Settle the TATA AIG Bike Insurance Claim

In case of Accidental Claim

  • Immediately inform the insurer by calling on the toll-free number
  • Register the claim by submitting the duly filled claim form along with
  • Police FIR containing the information of people involved in the accident
  • Original repair bill
  • Receipt of invoice in case of cashless claim
  • Provide incurred expense bill, original invoice and receipt of payment

In case of Theft

  • Inform the insurer without a delay by calling on the toll-free number
  • Register the claim by submitting the duly filled claim form along with
  • Original keys of the vehicle with DL, RC book and policy document
  • Copy of police FIR
  • Duly filled and signed Form 26, 28, 29, 30 and Form 35
  • ‘NO Trace Report’ from the police station, in case the vehicle is not recovered

To Register Third Party Claims

  • Right away inform the insurer by calling on the toll-free number
  • Register the claim by submitting the duly filled claim form along with
  • Police FIR, Photocopy of driving license (DL), vehicle RC book etc.

Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculator

With Bike insurance calculator, it is possible to calculate two wheeler insurance premium before buying a plan. Now-a-days insurers provide the facility of the premium calculator on their websites where you can calculate your premium. If not, then you can approach various aggregator websites. Just visit the website, navigate to two wheeler insurance, click on the tab ‘buy’ and then ‘get quotes’. After filling the details the premium of a particular plan will be displayed. This way you can compare the premiums of various insurance plans and get a suitable deal.

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Online

Renewing your two wheeler insurance in time is imperative to avail the policy benefits consecutively. Through TATA AIG’s online portal you can easily renew your two wheeler insurance policy without ant hassle. You just need to follow the right process as below:

  • Visit the official website of TATA AIG
  • Go to the renewal page and provide the existing policy number and the client identification number
  • Mention the two wheeler registration number
  • Personal information including the registered mobile number and email id
  • After submitting everything, the premium will be calculated and displayed. If you okay with that, then pay the premium through one of the payment modes
  • After making the payment, a digitally signed copy of the plan will be sent to you on your email id. You can download the same for future reference from the personal dashboard.

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance – Discount Offered

TATA AIG General Insurance introduces many exciting discounts that can be availed during the policy tenure

  • No-Claim Bonus

No claim bonus is a discount that is offered for not claiming your insurance policy. you can be benefited with a huge discount by not claiming your insurance for multiple years. The percentage offered ranges from 20% and a maximum of 50% up to five consecutive years. We’ve prepared a table showing the percentage of NCB discount you can avail each year

No of Year Discount (%)
First Claim-free Year 20%
Second Claim-free Year 25%
Third Claim-free Year 35%
Fourth Claim-free Year 45%
Fifth Claim-free Year 50%

The no-claim bonus is a discount offered on the next year’s premium. If you don’t claim your insurance policy, you will be offered with the huge discount on the next year’s premium. If for the first year you made no claims you are offered with 20% discount on the second year premium and so on. It keeps on increasing. The following table will provide the details.

  • Other Discount

TATA AIG also offers the discount if the insured person is a member of any of the recognized Automobile Association of India.