Things Bike Riders Must Have in Their Riding Kit

riding kit

Long distance road trips and bike rides involve careful planning. You need to decide on the route, the things that you will need to carry and then strategically fitting all of it into your bike riding kit.

Due to the space constraint, it can be quite challenging to pack all the essentials for your bike ride.

It is important to take into consideration the space constraint, luggage type and even what you are wearing while riding your bike. Always keep space for emergency items before going on a long road -trip. We have compiled a list of essentials for a bike road trip from experienced riders. Here are a few things that you need to keep in your check-list before you hit the roads:

Bike Tools and Spare Parts

Battery fuses, headlight bulb, clutch cable, plier, and multi-function screwdriver etc. are a few spare parts that you must carry with you in your tool kit. In case your motorcycle gives up on you, it is required for you to be prepared for it in advance. Also, do not forget to carry a puncture repair kit.

First Aid Kit

It is important to keep a first-aid kit handy when going on a road trip. It is good to be prepared for minor injuries in case you are on a secluded road where there is no hospital around.

Protective Eyewear

It’s imperative to have protective eyewear while driving your bike, including protective rain/night goggles and sunglasses.

Waterproof Luggage

If you expect to see rain, waterproof luggage will help in keeping your belongings dry. You cannot predict rain, so it’s always better to carry a waterproof gear to enjoy your ride in a carefree manner.

Motorcycle Cover

If you are going on an extended trip or planning to stay overnight, then you should carry your motorcycle cover. It will help protect your motorcycle from any damage.

Bike Tools

Most of the bike riders know the way around their motorcycle. So, if you are heading out on an adventurous bike ride, you should carry your bike maintenance tools such as sockets, wrenches and other specific tools to help you fix your bike.

Rain Gear

This is one of the most ignored accessories but it proves to be really helpful in case it rains. Don’t head out without the proper gear. Carry a rain jacket and pants, along with your weather-proof gear.

Riding Gear

It is important to wear the right gear fit especially if you are going a long trip. Their breathable liners keep you relaxed. Make sure that you are wearing full face helmet, sturdy pants that are not too baggy and ankle boots.  Also, wear knee guards if you are planning to ride on a highway.

Carry All the Papers and Documents:

Do not forget to carry your bike insurance as well as medical insurance papers. In case of any road emergency your insurance policy will offer you immediate help:

Bike Insurance Papers

It is an essential document and is mandatory to carry it while driving your bike.  If you don’t have one, you can buy national insurance two wheeler policy online. Along with the bike insurance documents, it is necessary to carry all the other documents that prove your ownership.

You can seek roadside assistance in case of an accident, emergency fuel assistance and agency repair services.

Medical/Health Insurance

It is suggested that you carry a copy of your medicalim policy as it proves to be handy in case of an emergency. Also, it is advisable that you carry your health insurance policy in the pocket of your jacket. It will help the strangers to know about your personal details and offer you immediate medical help.


Here is a list of additional things that you may need to carry:

  • It is recommended to carry minimum cash of 10,000 rupees or more to cover up for miscellaneous expenses on the way. Cash is useful when you cannot find an ATM nearby. Make sure that you carry sufficient cash with you.
  • Hydration Kit is recommended to carry all the vital fluids that will you stay hydrated on long trips
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen goes without saying

There is a lot to explore and the road lies ahead. Enjoy riding your bike and go fully prepared on your next road-trip.

Tips to Remember

You can check videos online to know how to fix a bike if it breaks in the middle of the road.  If you travel often you can take up a course to help you with the same.

It is important to pack these items with you to get you going. And, if you are taking your two-wheeler or bike to another city, then the above-mentioned tips will help you make your bike riding experience a memorable one.