Things To Know Before Buying Insurance for Sports Bike

insurance for sports bike

The most relevant question for any sports bike owner would be – how can I choose the best insurance for my sports bike? Seeing things from a biker’s point of view, it is very understandable. Well, in this post, we will discuss everything that can help you choose the right coverage for your motorbike. Motorbike insurance can become quite an ordeal for a customer who is not sure about it. When it comes to the high-octane super-bikes, there is an equal amount of pride and concern involved, in ensuring its safety.

When you get your hands on such a prized possession, you find yourself a bit in awe of its beauty and performance. Then, it is quite possible that you will ask all your relatives and friends around for their opinion on the best insurance product available. You will search aggressively in all directions to gather information about the best options available, be it Bajaj Allianz bike insurance or similar products. Whether you own a Hayabusa or Duke KTM, you will leave no stones turned to bag the best insurance.

A high-end bike demands a robust protection plan, as any unexpected event can happen when least expected. The basic law says that greater the price of the insured product, the higher the rate of the premium. And it is always higher in the case of a sports bike. If you choose a standard two-wheeler insurance plan for your machine, that will cover the nominal wear and tear charges.

If you feel like getting a basic insurance plan for your two-wheeler, then it would make more sense to get the essential add-on pack to cover the cost of repairs to a defined limit. Some trustworthy companies that provide valuable service are Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance and HDFC ERGO among others. However, customers should avoid impulsive buying behavior and compare insurance quotes from different providers.

Insurance policies include a deductible factor, which are measure by the sum of money that the policyholder must pay for expenses in addition to an insurance payout by the provider. Settling for a deductible with a less significant value is an error that the vast majority of people make. If a policyholder did not make a claim for the entire year, he/she may get an NCB, which could translate into a premium waiver for the next year. Surprisingly, not many people are aware of this and they could not use this benefit. To keep situations like these at bay, you must do the necessary research and read the policy documents carefully before buying one.

It is important to delve deeper into these points before considering insurance for your precious sport bike:

Customized Insurance For Sports Bike

It is easy to choose a plan and customize it as per your requirements. However, you must assess whether or not the plan offers ample coverage while keeping in view your bike model. This plan is documented with utmost care and precision to suit a particular bike model. Some minute details like vehicle’s mileage and liability protection are printed in small type, also known as fine print. Hence, it is recommended that you carefully read the insurance clauses to know the ins and outs of your policy.


Customers don’t bother to find additional offers/discounts and policy benefits included in policy just because they are not aware of such promotional offers. Here, insurance providers do not put in extra effort into helping you get familiar with all these details after the premium is paid, so they can save a lot on that. You should read the terms and conditions of the policy documents verbatim before buying any insurance product.

Viable Deductible

Getting a higher deductible will help you get a premium at a much higher discount. This way, you will get substantial coverage with a low-premium plan. But if you opt for a policy keeping the premium low, you would end up getting stuck in a situation where the claims might not be considered due to nil coverage, in regard to any particular instance. Don’t fall prey to those service providers who claim to offer total coverage with a low premium. Companies such as Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance provide you with a clear picture of the premium payable, including the deductibles.

Nil Depreciation Cover

This add-on proves extremely important, particularly for the sports bike. It is a useful add-on cover for those bike owners who have opted for a basic two-wheeler insurance plan. It should be noted that a comprehensive bike policy does not include a cover for the day-to-day wear and tear of the vehicle. In such cases, individual customized policies come in handy. However, in situations like these, zero depreciation always comes in handy. Using this add-on, the expenses associated with normal wear and tear are not compromised with the policyholder’s claim payout.

Medical Coverage

If you are one of those blessed souls who make the most out of their superbikes such as using these top-notch machines for the daily commute, you should make the most of daily cash reimbursement. As the name suggests, this add-on helps you cover your day-to-day expense if, God forbid, that your bike got badly damaged in case of an accident. This plan covers the daily expenses in case of hospital care or daily expenses to commute to and fro until your back is back to its former glory. The payout amount depends on your policy terms and conditions. A few trustworthy companies provide a decent medical cover-Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance, Bharti AXA, and HDFC ERGO, to name but a few.


These aforementioned points cover everything you need to get off a good start but this is just the beginning. It is your responsibility to safeguard your personal belongings against any potential damage, and it all starts with getting the right insurance. Everybody wishes to have a Super-bike by his/her side; only a few are lucky enough to own it. You are one of those privileged ones. Keep in mind, the expenses will rise exponentially with the purchase of your favorite motorbike. Hence, be prepared to invest with an open heart and open mind.